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CBDFx Hemp Face Mask 50mg

CBDFx Hemp Face Mask 50mg

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CBDFx Hemp Face Mask 50mg

Why use the CBDfx Face Mask? Our research uncovered that CBD may reduce oxidative stress whether you apply it topically or ingest it in any other way. Oxidative stress is the major cause of inflammation, and inflammation may be the primary cause of acne. Studies also show that CBD beauty products directly reduce inflammation in your sebocytes. These glands in your skin produce sebum, and overactive sebum production can lead to acne.

CBDfx Hemp Charcoal Face Mask 50mg - The CBD FX Charcoal Face Mask is a fast-acting mask that detoxifies, brightens and invigorates normal to oily skin. This revolutionary face mask combines all the benefits of CBD with activated charcoal to clear pores and flush out environmental toxins, dirt, and debris that can cause skin to look dull. A single 10 minute session with this face mask will leave you feeling refreshed!

CBDFx Hemp Aloe Vera Face Mask 50mg - This 20mg broad-spectrum face mask is designed to heal and tighten your skin. Infused with aloe vera, this mask will leave your skin feeling refreshed and enhance your natural glow.

CBDFx Hemp Cucumber Face Mask 50mg - Skin looking tired and puffy? Our CBD Cucumber Face Mask is loaded with 20mg of active all-natural, broad-spectrum CBD. Whether your skin’s been feeling dull or you’re looking for a new way to combat issues like acne or inflammation, this mask is a simple and convenient way to refresh your skin.

CBDFx Hemp Rose Face Mask 50mg - Imagine the calming fragrance of a delicate, floral rose petal. We’ve taken that aromatic fragrance and infused it in a totally organic, broad-spectrum CBD face mask that’s perfect for skin needing a moisturizing boost.

CBDFx Hemp Lavender Night Face Mask 50mg - Replenish your skin and improve your sleep quality with our Lavender CBD Face Mask. This gently soothing product promotes healthy skin in a calming way. Containing 20mg of active broad-spectrum CBD, this face mask will make you wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

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