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Dr. Benny's

Dr Benny's CannaMax 900MG 1ML Rechargeable Disposables with Terpenes

Dr Benny's CannaMax 900MG 1ML Rechargeable Disposables with Terpenes

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Dr Benny's Canna Max Disposable 900MG 1ML iKrusher with Terpenes 

Made with authentic iKrusher disposables that are extensively tested for heavy metals filled with award winning natural distilled terps.

This hemp derived product contains under 0.3% THC making it 7076-2018 Farm bill compliant.

Available Strains: 

Wedding Cake: Indica dominant Hybrid - Anti-anxiety, Happy

Platinum OG:  Indica -  Relaxing, Sleep and Anxiety

Berry Gelato: Indica dominant Hybrid - Relaxing, Stress Relief, Creativity 

Mimosa: Sativa dominant Hybrid - Energetic, Focus, Creative

Green Crack: Sativa - Uplifting, Happiness, Energetic.

Master Kush: Indica - Relaxing, Happy, Sleep

Strawberry Cough: Sativa dominant Hybrid - Anti-anxiety, Calming, Energetic.

Super Lemon Haze: Sativa - Creativity, Energetic, Happiness

Pineapple Express: Sativa - Endurance, Happiness, Energetic

Skittlez: Indica - Sleep, Relaxation, Anti-anxiety

G13 Haze: Sativa - Calming, anti-anxiety, energetic

Northern Lights: Indica - Hungry, Relaxed, Sleep

Grapefruit Kush: Sativa Hybrid - Energetic, Happiness, Endurance

Must be sold to persons 21 years and over. Keep out of reach of children. This product contains Delta 8 which may cause drowsiness. Please avoid driving or do not operate any machinery or tools when consuming this product.  Manufacturers and us, as resellers assume no responsibility for any type of misuse of this product.

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