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Ooze Honey Pot Silicone Containers - 30ct

Ooze Honey Pot Silicone Containers - 30ct

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Have you heard the buzz about the Honey Pot? This silicone concentrate container is both water-resistant and non-stick, and includes two individual spaces to store wax. The Honey Pot has a honeycomb design on both sides, making it the ideal storage option for that sweet nectar.

The 30ct Honey Pot tub is an amazing deal for your store. Silicone containers are an easy upsell to tack onto any nectar collector or dab rig purchase. Each tub includes 3 different color mixes, so each customer can choose the one that best fits their style or matches their favorite piece. 

Color options: 

  • Electric Buzz

  • Rasta

  • Ocean

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