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RAWthentic "FIVE ON IT" Natural Wood Cigarette Holder

RAWthentic "FIVE ON IT" Natural Wood Cigarette Holder

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RAWthentic FIVE ON IT Natural Wood Cigarette Holder

Five is unrealistic, it’s difficult to balance and it’s probably going to burn uneven… but that’s not the point. RAW made this RAWdiculous contraption for laughs and the nights you’ll never remember.

  • Enjoy 5 Rolled Smokes at Once!
  • Another Extravagant Raw Innovation
  • Carved from Sustainable Brown Knotwood

You don't have to smoke this 5 before it's 12 o' clock! Born from excess, as most RAW inventions are, enjoy 5 rolled joints at once with the RAW Five On It Wooden Cigarette Holder!

Similar to the Raw Level Five cigarette holder, the Five On It can hold five cigarettes, cigarillos, joints, blunts, anything you can roll and smoke! It's a very "extra" piece to smoke with, but bring it to a party and everyone will be sure to have a good time!

If you're looking for the next wild and cool smoking apparatus, something that will really stand out, grab a Raw Five On It today and be prepared for many fun nights!

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