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SPORESMD 5 Pack Mushroom Gummies | 12ct Display

SPORESMD 5 Pack Mushroom Gummies | 12ct Display

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 SPORESMD 5 Pack Mushroom Gummies | 12ct Display

Looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite mushroom varieties? Our mushroom gummies each contain 30mg of our unique blend of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Amanita Muscaria, l-theanine, and hexahydrocannabinol, aka HHC, a psychoactive but legal hemp derivative known for behaving almost identically to delta 9 THC. Meanwhile, each bite promises the delicious taste of sweet melons.

Our gummies go above and beyond to exceed standards for quality, safety, and purity. They’re formulated in our certified ISO7 cleanroom, and each batch undergoes strict lab-testing through a registered third-party facility, to guarantee that they contain zero harmful compounds or impurities.

Suggested Portion: Take ½ of a gummy and wait for 2 hours before determining if you would like to take the other half.

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