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Futurola x Mike Tyson 2.0 “The Toad” Terpene-Infused Blunts & Cones Version 2.0 - 12ct

Futurola x Mike Tyson 2.0 “The Toad” Terpene-Infused Blunts & Cones Version 2.0 - 12ct

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Futurola x Mike Tyson  2.0 “The Toad” Terpene-Infused TOBACCO-FREE Blunts &  Cones Version 2.0 - 12ct Display

Mike Tyson’s Tyson The Toad partnered with Futurola to create these unique tobacco-free blunt wraps & blunt cones.

Blunt Cones: 12CT DISPLAY | The Toad Blunt Wrap Cones are available in a neat, compact 12ct POP display.

Blunt Wraps: 25CT Display 

Each Tyson  blunt cone is pre-rolled and sealed with a Futurola filter tip which is essential for keeping the shape and catching crumbs. In addition, these Tyson blunt cones are infused with natural terpenes to create Mike’s favorite blend: the Toad. Cones are individually packed in glass tubes and are available in a 12ct POP display.

New and improved, the Toad blunt wrap cones are back! The Toad is a signature of Tyson Ranch. Each wrap is thoroughly infused with natural terpenes that are derived from a Tyson Ranch strain that Mike developed after having life-changing experiences with poisonous toads! These products have instant brand recognition with the champ’s face plastered right on each individual glass blunt tube. The Toad is an intriguing name that customers are always asking about. Set this 12ct display front and center and watch the tubes sell out quickly! 

  • THE TOAD | Tyson Ranch’s the Toad blunts are a unique product that constantly draws tons of attention. Mike Tyson’s face is on vial, and a Toad is an interesting flavor option for a blunt wrap!
  • BLUNT CONES | These are pre-rolled blunt wrap cones. Each is rolled with a filter tip, which makes packing simple because the cone is stiffer than a typical joint cone.
  • TERPENES | Each blunt wrap cone is infused with natural terpenes. These work together to complement the additional terpenes in the flower, highlighting the flavor for a trippy experience.
  • GLASS TUBES | Each cone is packed in a single tube. Each tube is a classy glass vial with a label that features Mike Tyson’s face. It has a screw-on black lid and can be reused countless times.


  • hold wrap and arrange your mix evenly across the wrap.
  • roll the wrap into a u-shape and pack the mix down.
  • begin to fold the side of the wrap closest to you over the packed mix. 
  • gently roll it back and forth until you reach your desired tightness. 
  • tuck the side of the paper behind the mix and roll upwards. 
  • wet the edge and roll until the wrap is sealed. 
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