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I Love Salts by Madhatter 30mL in 25 mg or 50mg

I Love Salts by Madhatter 30mL in 25 mg or 50mg

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I Love Salts by Madhatter 

  • Not for use in sub-ohm devices
  • 30mL of liquid
  • Available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine concentration
  • Available as Single Bottles or 6-ct display boxes
  • Salt nicotine is more efficient and less harsh to vape
  • Contains nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propyleneglycol

Flavor Profiles: 
Pacific Passion exquisite blend of fresh tropical fruits from silky coconut milk, freshly squeezed pineapple juice and ripe, juicy strawberries.

Tropic Mango delivers nothing but intense mango flavor that tastes exactly like the real thing.

Grappleberry Blueberry, apple, and grape combine for a luscious burst of fruit flavor.

Sweet Tobacco flavor is rich and complex, blending the smooth nuttiness of earthy tobacco with a hint of sweetness.

Classic Tobacco rich and nutty cured tobacco taste.

Luau Lemonade vape juice is a remarkably refreshing lemonade flavor that’s infused with the fresh tropical and seasonal juices of crisp pineapples and mouthwatering watermelons.

Blue Raspberry is a sweet and sour flavor explosion.

Blue Raspberry Ice Tart and sugary blue raspberry candy is given the menthol treatment.

Strawberry Candy Satisfy your sweet tooth with this pink and red candy fruity treat.

Strawberry Ice Succulent strawberries and chilly menthol.

Juicy Apples quite like biting into a crisp apple and having those succulent juices explode with fruity flavor.

Fruit Cereal delicious, sugary milk. big bowl of fruity cereal.

Classic Menthol  A cool minty taste.

Spearmint Gum simple arctic blast, fresh, and cool.

Island Squeeze filled with outrageously juicy kiwis, dazzlingly sweet strawberries and exotic guavas.

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