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OCB Bamboo Unbleached Cones 1-1/4 & Kingsize

OCB Bamboo Unbleached Cones 1-1/4 & Kingsize

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America's first bamboo rolling papers, pre-rolled into easy-to-use cones. Expertly crafted with sustainably grown, responsibly harvested bamboo fibers and natural acacia gum, sustainable rolling has never been this simple. 

Natural, GMO-free and built for ease. You don't have to be a rolling expert to enjoy these easy-to-use cones.

Mini (70MM): 10 cones per pack - 32 packs per box = 320 cones

1-1/4" (79mm): 6 Cones per pack - 32 packs per box =192 cones

Kingsize (109mm): 3 Cones per pack - 32 packs in box = 96 Cones

  • Bamboo Fibers, Natural Acacia Gum
  • Highly-sustainable, chlorine-free, bleach-free, dye-free, even-burning, natural always-sticks acacia gum, no-tear, GMO-free, vegan
  • Unbleached - Chlorine-Free - Slow Burning - Dye-Free
  • 100% Bamboo Responsibly Harvested
  • Made in France
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