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RAWthentic Classic 5 Stage RAWket

RAWthentic Classic 5 Stage RAWket

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The Rawthentic 5 Stage Rawket Launcher is not intended to take you to outer space to meet our alien cousins, its intended to plant your rear end down on a couch and chill out with friends and family. In each pack there are seven different sized cones, a single pack contains twenty cones giving you a great chance to sample an array of the Raw cone ranges without having to buy each cone separately. The range covers from the smallest cone to the largest cone that Raw manufacture, plus each cone has a different length of tip to suit the individual size of a particular cone. All the cones have been pre-rolled and pre-tipped, you just need to empty open the box and choose a cone to use. Just stuff it full and smoke!

A great complement to the cone range is the Raw Loader which makes the filling of your cone all that much easier.

What comes in the RAW 5 Stage Rawket Launcher, as well as the length of cones and length of filter:

5 Stage Rawket includes
1 Supernatural
1 Emperador
1 Peacemaker
1 King Size
1 1 1/4 size

  • 15 Packs Per Box 
  • 5 Cones Per Pack 
  • 75 Cones Per Box
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