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Skunk Doctor

Skunk Doctor Smoke Odor Remedy

Skunk Doctor Smoke Odor Remedy

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Meet the "Ozium" Competitor - Skunk Doctor Smoke Odor Remedy 

Selling Tips:

  • It's water-based so works on Hair, Body, Linen & Clothes too - it won't stain like other oil based sprays
  • Sold as a Display of 15 sprays (3 each) 

Fragrance Profiles: 

After Green - Fresh is the vibe of this clean scent. There’s something about After Green’s base tones of crisp green apple and just cut mint that really helps you get your mind right. If you’re feeling euphoric, After Green will help those tingles.

Wind Relief - You know that feeling you get when you catch a whiff of a tangerine somebody is peeling near you? First it’s subtle, but then you practically feel like you’re eating it! Wind Relief has such a citrus twist infused into it’s warm, sandalwood back. It’s a great scent to wear when you want people to warm up to your breezy, easy going ways.

Saffron Rain - This scent acknowledges that you can blaze and still fit in with the high-end society types. Saffron, orchids, leather, vanilla, sandalwood, and other high end scents blend together for a luxurious freshener that will fit right in at a VIP after-party or a 5-star hotel lobby.

Cool Summit - The ideal scent for a hot day, or really just anytime you want to be cool. Close your eyes as you spray this on and you’ll feel like you’re standing on top of a glacier. Blending notes of pear, mint, grapefruit, coriander, and even mountain wood, Ice Cool is like an invigorating gust that will have your nostrils flaring in refreshed enjoyment.

Infra Red - Fruit and fiery floral notes make this scent one that will light you up like the cherry on your blunt. If you’re feeling a bit hot under the collar before a night out, Infra-Red is the scent to splash on to let people know that you’re lit and looking to get litter.

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