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Blazer Scro's AutoPilot Glass Rig Attachment

Blazer Scro's AutoPilot Glass Rig Attachment

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Scro's AutoPilot Glass Rig Attachment allows you to turn your Blazer Big Shot torch into an all-in-one dab rig. The AutoPilot mounts to the torch's nozzle and the torch body serves as your handle. The AutoPilot is positioned at the perfect distance from your flame for amazing dabs that are full of flavor. 

The AutoPilot is easy to attach to your butane torch and a great way to dab with ease. Just slide it right on your torch nozzle and secure it with the included rubber ring. To ensure you get the best dabs possible, the AutoPilot features an inline percThe percolator is designed to deliver water-cooled hits through the reinforced mouthpiece.

This amazing glass rig attachment is made of durable, high quality glass and features a Scro Glass decal.

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