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CannaFresh Glass Jar

CannaFresh Glass Jar

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Canna Fresh Glass Jars with lid keeps your tobacco fresh in these high-quality professional air tight hand blown glass jars. These glass containers will keep your material fresher and more flavorful. We use only the highest quality materials, so when it has to be fresh, think Canna Fresh! The most important traits in a glass jar, of course, are preserving freshness and preventing the damage and attendant trichome loss associated with bag storage.

Canna Fresh jars seal airtight and will thus keep your medicine fresh far longer than plastic jars with their snap-on lids.

As for dispensary owners, “Our products have been specifically designed to meet your needs,” Canna Fresh says. “They will make your displays look pro. Making it easier to identify what product is being displayed and therefore improving the visitor’s experience.
Canna Fresh jars come in various sizes. These sizes are measure by how much water would fit in them. Therefore, the “four ounce” extra small jar would hold between an eighth ounce and maybe a tightly packed quarter ounce.
These “P-Series” Canna Fresh jars have clear glass lids.

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