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CBDfx Capsules 200mg / 750mg / 6000mg

CBDfx Capsules 200mg / 750mg / 6000mg

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Why Buy the 8-count pouch? 8 capsules x 25mg of CBD per capsule = 200 mg of CBD per pouch. A travel-friendly supply at a low price.

Why Buy the 30-count Bottle? Buy CBD oil capsules (25mg each) with added MCT oil, packaged in a convenient child-proof bottle of 30. That’s a full month’s supply totaling 750mg of organic, full-spectrum CBD in each bottle.

How to use: Follow label directions. Take 1-2 CBD capsules daily. (Many people start with one a day and adjust accordingly.) Some like to take it with food and some like to take it before bed. See what works best for you.

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