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RAWthentic Life Grinder 63mm

RAWthentic Life Grinder 63mm

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RAWthentic Life Grinder 63mm


Totally modular, totally customizable

The RAW LIFE Grinder is modularly engineered to last a LIFEtime! Every component is easily cleanable and replaceable, even the screen. You can add or remove components onto your grinder and customize it exactly the way you like. Personally, I remove the screen and use it as a whole leaf grinder (grinding directly into the super large catch basin). Designed to not only shred your stuff, but to fluff as you grind to give you the perfect consistency materials to roll up in a RAW Paper.

Not your typical grinder

Built from a “die hard” 6061 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy with a strength of 18,000 PSI the RAW LIFE Grinder is strong and battle tested. This “die hard” grinder was carefully constructed with notch-tooth designs, edge bumps, perfectly engineered basket vents and PTFE washer so it always rotates smoothly.

Perfect grinds for a perfect paper

The best grinders don’t just grind your herbs, but also fluffs them while breaking up those sticky clumps. All RAW Grinders are designed to shred and fluff your smoking materials so you get the perfect consistency herbs to roll up in a RAW Paper. Don’t settle for a typical household grinder that grinds your herbs so fine there is no airflow in your smoke, or shreds it so thick that clumps fall out while smoking.

Extra sharp teeth

The metal teeth inside the RAW LIFE Grinder are extra sharp because we didn’t anodize them to save money. That anodization wears away after years of use, leaving little crumbs of metal polish in your grind (yuck!). Instead, we spared no expense making the teeth from high-quality metal that won’t go dull or crumble apart over.

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