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DaVinci ARTIQ Ultra Cooling 510T Cartridge Vaporizer

DaVinci ARTIQ Ultra Cooling 510T Cartridge Vaporizer

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DaVinci ARTIQ Ultra Cooling 510T Cartridge Vaporizer.  Cools Vapor by 90%, 3 heat modes, haptic heartbeat feedback.

Cools Down Vapor: Delivering vapor that is 90% cooler, the ARTIQ extended airpath cools hot vapor back down to room temperature levels.

Conceal Cartridge: Utilizing the iconic DaVinci IQ shape, the shell conceals the cartridge, preventing oil content degradation and lending to discretion. 

  • Compatible with standard 510 cartridges  
  • Elongated Airpath Reduces Vapor Heat by 90%  
  • Fully Concealed Chamber 
  • 760mAh rechargeable internal battery
  • 1 year Warranty directly with manufacturer. 


  • 10 Second Preheat at 1.8V
  • Haptic Draw Feedback  
  • Pass-Through Charging  
  • 3 Heat Modes 2.8V | 3.2V | 3.6V 
  • USB Type-C charging cable 

ARTIQ includes: ARTIQ cartridge vaporizer, USB Type-C Cable, Cleaning tools, extra magnetic collars,  extra gasket seals.


Being a company of innovation, we don’t want to put out a product unless it solves a problem. After watching his father cough from hitting an oil pen one day, Cort Smith, VP of Vape Innovation found the problem from 510 vaporizer cartridges was hot vapor. ​“When you are drawing from a standard 510 battery, with the cartridge on top, hot vapor is going directly into your throat in excess of 132 F . That’s going to cause irritation, and coughing. Comparatively, the ARTIQ’s vapor temperature averages 83F, which is like breathing air.” ​At DaVinci, found a solution for this, and elongated the vapor path to bring the vapor back to room temperature. ​At max voltage outputs, standard 510 devices were producing vapor at 153F, whereas top voltage for the ARTIQ oil vaporizer was 84F


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