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Kind Pen Weezy Concentrate Vaporizer with Ceramic Chamber

Kind Pen Weezy Concentrate Vaporizer with Ceramic Chamber

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Made from high-grade materials and equipped with a turbo-heating, pop-up ceramic chamber, Weezy wax & concentrate vaporizer is the #1 choice of in-the-know vapers!

Why Choose Weezy?

  • the completely ceramic atomizer that delivers excellent flavor every time
  • advanced 15-second ‘sesh-mode’ (super-fast heat up for intense sessions)
  • pop-up atomizer for quicker and easier loading and cleaning
  • mouthpiece with magnetic connections (won’t come off in your pocket)
  • long battery life that will get you through the day without recharging
  • excellent for wax and other dabs (crumble, shatter, and resin)
  • easy and intuitive one-button operation
  • durable construction & high-quality polished finish
  • includes a packing tool & a child-proof glass wax jar

We took your old, boring wax vaporizers and created Weezy, a state-of-the-art vape that’s fun, practical, and discrete. Say goodbye to burnt and wasted vape material, dead batteries in the middle of a session, and sticky hands — this baby has a compact and powerful 700mAh built-in battery designed to get you through the day without recharging AND a pop-up ceramic atomizer that’s easy to fill and clean. Grab your Weezy today, take it for a spin, and find out why it can run circles around those overpriced wax vaporizers that cost an arm and a leg (and end up ruining your material).

Full Specifications:

  • 700mAh battery (with fast-charging capabilities)
  • a completely ceramic chamber that fits 0.3 grams of material
  • one-click pop-out, pop-in atomizer design
  • leak-proof chamber design
  • one-button operation
  • advanced 15-second session mode
  • fast heat-up function
  • 3 different temp settings (3.3V, 3.7V, and 4.2V)
  • a compact mouthpiece with ultra-strong magnetic connections
  • micro USB charger
  • packing tool
  • glass wax jar
  • user manual
  • lifetime warranty

For Aromatherapy Purposes Only

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