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King Palm

King Palm Gold Roach 18" Extendable Clips - 24 Per Pack

King Palm Gold Roach 18" Extendable Clips - 24 Per Pack

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King Palm Gold Roach Clips - 24 Individually Wrapped Extendable Clips

Securely hold your King Palm on hand while keeping the smoke at bay when you use a Smoke Clip! The strong claw clasp ensures your roll will stay put as long as you’re smoking. The King Palm Smoke Clip is a retractable wand that can extend to up to 1.5 feet in length.

Using a Smoke Clip has more benefits than just looking like a boss. No more sticky fingers that reek like smoke, and you’ll have a much easier time keeping that smoke out of your eyes. Extend the clip out so you can ash your King Palm without even needing to lean out of your seat. Forget about dropping the blunt when you pass it to the left. The Smoke Clip gives the next person a handle to grab when the roll gets short instead of trying to grab onto the filter.

Each King Palm Smoke Clip display includes 24 individually-wrapped Smoke Clips in Jet Black. Set this right next to the rest of your King Palm displays, these are the perfect add-on accessory!

Display Features:

  • 24 Count Display
  • Sleek Gold Look
  • Secure Hold on King Palms, Joints & cigarillos
  • Extends Up to 1.5 Feet
  • Conveniently Ashes
  • Odor-Free Fingers
  • Easy Passing
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