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King Palm

King Palm Pre-Rolled 24k Edible Gold Vanilla Cone Mini | Holds 1Gram | 15ct Display

King Palm Pre-Rolled 24k Edible Gold Vanilla Cone Mini | Holds 1Gram | 15ct Display

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King Palm Pre-Rolled Vanilla Flavored Terpene Infused Mini Cones with Acrylic Packing Stick and 24k Edible Gold | 15ct Display.

Experience a luxurious pre-rolled cone wrapped with real gold, and enjoy its rich and creamy vanilla-flavored filter tip. Activate the delicious flavor by squeezing the capsule located in the corn husk filter tip. Inside the capsule are terpenes infused in food-grade essential oil. There are no rolling skills required. 

Each Display includes 15 pouches.

  • Each pouch includes 1 King Palm Mini Roll Wrapped in Real Gold Rolling Paper 
  • Vanilla Flavored Infused Terpenes. (Flavor Activates By Squeezing The Filter Tip)
  • Acrylic Packing Stick (Collector’s Item)

GOLD | Each Vanilla Gold King Palm pre-roll is made of a Cordia palm leaf that is hand-rolled into a cone and covered with edible 24k gold. This is a high class cone that is truly fit for a King! The Mini size roll holds 1 gram of flower.

VANILLA | Each gold cone has a vanilla flavored filter tip built in. The flavor all resides in the filter, so no chemicals or additives are burned. Enjoy a subtle blast of creamy vanilla flavor with your favorite strain.

SQUEEZE TO ACTIVATE | Each filter tip has a terpene-infused flavor pearl tucked inside. Squeeze to pop the ball and activate the vanilla flavor. If the ball is left uncrushed, the filter will taste unflavored for a more natural experience.

TOBACCO-FREE | King Palm pre-rolls are made from the leaves of the Cordia dichotomy tree. Each roll is 100% tobacco-free, biodegradable, and all-natural. The corn husk filters are non-GMO and contain only all-natural essential oils, no additives or chemicals.

PACK IT | Each pouch includes an acrylic packing stick to help properly pack the roll with flower. This is a rare accessory that is a collector’s item! We recommend using a chunky grind for the ideal burn.

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