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MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal CACHE - Flower Focused Mini Water Pipe Jar - 7" Tall

MJ Arsenal CACHE - Flower Focused Mini Water Pipe Jar - 7" Tall

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Cache /kaSH/

The MJA team has wanted to introduce a flower focused offering for quite some time. The one thing we did NOT want to do was offer more of the same. 

Introducing the MJ Arsenal designed Cache Mini Water Pipes. Our mini water pipes are inspired by a several hundred-year-old, Southeast Asian pipe. Grind it, store it, pour it, and enjoy. The system used by our Cache mini water pipes is built to make your life as smooth as possible by offering a unique storage jar affixed to the beaker basin of this water pipe. Keep your flower dry, fresh, and always by your side with our new Cache mini glass bong.

Elevate the Ordinary with MJ Arsenal’s Cache Mini Water Pipes.

MJA's Cache Mini Water Pipes come included with:

(1) Cache Mini Water Pipe Jar

(1) Flower bowl 

(1) Cork

(1) Reusable box/custom cut foam



  • Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
  • MJ Arsenal Cache Mini Bong
  • Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • Integrated Storage Jar
  • Quad-Slit Percolator Clear Glass Body
  • 7” inches Tall
  • Storage Cork 45° Joint Angle
  • 10mm Bowl Piece
  • 10mm Female Joint
  • Compact & Travel-Friendly
  • Base-Connected Percolator
  • Scientific Glass Beaker Water Pipe


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