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Puffco Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber

Puffco Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber

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Hit as hard as you want. Ready to Rip.

78% larger bowl. 2x more vapor. Rip harder with less reclaim.

Meet the new Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber.  The world’s first high capacity e-rig chamber.
It’s not just a bigger chamber, it’s an entirely new level of experience and intensity.

Bigger Dabs. Bigger bowl, bigger dabs. The Peak Pro 3DXL develops dabs so big you might need a little help from your friends.

Bigger Clouds. The Peak Pro 3DXL generates more vapor than anything released by Puffco. That’s twice as much vapor the standard 3D chamber….and all of the flavor.

Hit it hard. Forget ‘sip it to rip it’…the larger chamber size and improved airflow means you can rip the Peak Pro 3DXL as hard as you want.

More Control. The Peak Pro 3DXL gives you even more precision with the XL joystick Cap and exclusive “XL” Vapor Control setting in the Puffco app.

Less Spillover. The Peak Pro 3DXL’s deeper chamber means less reclaim in your airpath meaning less maintenance. Less cleaning…..and more dabbing.

  • Peak Pro not included
  • Requires updated firmware
  • Compatible with all Peak Pro models
  • XL Joystick Cap only compatible with 3DXL Chamber
  • This product is not for use with tobacco, nicotine-containing e-liquids, or any synthetic nicotine or nicotine substitute
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