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RAWthentic Round Metal Magnetic Ashtray 5.5"

RAWthentic Round Metal Magnetic Ashtray 5.5"

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Large enough to handle all your smoking needs and small enough to use anywhere, this RAW Round Metal Ashtray is 5.5" wide and features a magnetic bottom. This nice metal ashtray featuring the RAW rolling papers design features curved sides and rolled edges. 

Whether you're a RAW enthusiast who wants to add to your collection or someone who simply needs a durable ashtray that won't break, this is one great ashtray! The rounded edges and sunken center of this ashtray allows you to deposit your ash without it ending up all over the place. 

You can set this ashtray on a metal rolling tray and it will stay put thanks to the magnet on the bottom. The ashtray is also perfect for metal tool boxes, work benches, desks, and balcony railings. This is an unbreakable, good looking ashtray that's easy to clean. Pay homage to your favorite rolling papers and get yours today.

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