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Ryot Utility Tool

Ryot Utility Tool

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The RYOT® Utility Tool is 10 handy tools all in one palm-sized package that’s reminiscent of the Swiss Army knife!

This is the one tool that everyone needs in their travel bag, but will also come in very handy at home.

The RYOT® Utility Tool has something for every need, whether you need to poke, dab, scrape, scoop, cut, grind, open, fix, etc. The sleek forged stainless steel construction is guaranteed to provide its owner a long useful life. It comes with a soft plastic case, so it’s very convenient to take along with you where ever you need it to go.

The case also has a small 1″ x 1″ storage compartment, perfect for keeping a little extra product safe-and-sound. Another great innovation by RYOT®!

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