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SMOK Altha Burst Concentrate Sub-Ohm Atomizer

SMOK Altha Burst Concentrate Sub-Ohm Atomizer

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SMOK Altha Burst Concentrate Atomizer is a sub-ohm tank for wax, allow you to dab using your vape mod. The atomizer has a diameter of 22mm, has a transparent glass tube, and a unique flat style multifunctional mouthpiece. At the top of the atomizer is a drip tip with adjustable airflow. It has a patented air intake adjustment function. Rotate the drip tip to control the airflow, provide a tight MTL draw or looser direct lung draw. The middle glass tube of Altha Burst Wax Atomizer adopts a transparent design, which is convenient for checking the internal situation. Inside the glass tube, there is a heating chamber made of PEEK material to reduce heat loss, enhance the overall efficiency of thermal conduction, and keep the case cool. The integrated 0.4Ω Quad Coil can evaporate concentrates very effectively and provide instant hit without the reheating process, which brings a pleasant dab experience.

SMOK Altha Burst concentrate Atomizer can be used at up to 40W but it's recommended to start low and work your way up to a wattage that you're comfortable with. Altha Burst Wax Atomizer has 510 threading on the bottom, which makes it compatible with your existing vape mod, please note that this Wax Atomizer is meant to be used at low wattages (below 40W in most cases). Use this wax tank with SMOK Altha Burst Concentrate Vaporizer Kit (with Wattage Control) and enjoy amazing flavor and vapor from your concentrates.

Main Features:
1. Transparent atomizer window to bring you a direct visual experience
2. 0.4Ω Single Coil, to provide instant hits without reheating process
3. Patented multifunctional Drip Tip, to adjust airflow and lock air path optionally

Resistance: 0.4Ω(Quad Coil)
Material: PEEK(Heating Chamber)
Material: NiCr(Coil)

Fits : SMOK Altha Burst Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

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