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Stündenglass® Gravity Infuser Accessories | 14MM Ash Catcher

Stündenglass® Gravity Infuser Accessories | 14MM Ash Catcher

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Stündenglass® Gravity Infuser Accessories | Ash Catcher

The Stündenglass Ash Catcher is an accessory that enhances the functionality of a Stündenglass Gravity Hookah. Keep your water clean with the Stündenglass Ash Catcher. Made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and hand-blown borosilicate glass, the Ash Catcher connects magnetically, replacing the standard 14mm elbow joint to provide a seamless way of capturing ash before it reaches your globes. It's designed to trap ash from entering the hookah and keep the globes cleaner for longer. The Stündenglass Ash Catcher is compatible with both full size and Kompact infusers, and can be taken apart for easy maintainence. 

Ash Catcher Only** Check out the Stundenglass Gravity Hookah here

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