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TRĒHouse 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder | 63MM

TRĒHouse 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder | 63MM

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TRĒHouse 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder | 63MM

Introducing the TRĒ House 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder – a masterfully crafted tool that takes your smoking experience to new heights. Precision-engineered with aircraft-grade aluminum, this grinder is not only robust but also a testament to quality and durability.

Its classic 4-piece, 3-chamber design ensures an efficient and consistent grind every time. The magnetic lid secures your herbs, while the grinding teeth make quick work of even the toughest materials. The pollen catcher and spacious herb chamber allow you to collect and store your ground herbs with ease.

Ease of use and maintenance are at the forefront of this grinder's design. The aluminum construction makes it incredibly easy to clean, ensuring your device maintains its sharp performance over time. Elevate your grinding game with the TRĒ House 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder – the perfect companion for those who demand quality, precision, and convenience in their smoking accessories.

  • Classic 4 Piece, 3 Chamber Design
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Pollen Screen and Chamber
  • Scraper Tool Included
  • Efficient and Consistent Grind
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • TRĒ House Logo
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